Basketball Card Display Cases: Finding the Right One

Collecting is nice but if you’re proud of what you own and want to enjoy it, putting up a couple of basketball card display cases is something you’re not likely to regret.  A mint condition George Mikan rookie might be better kept in a safe and a Michael Olowokandi rookie might be kept in a shoebox, but many other rookie cards, inserts, autographs and vintage cards are best displayed inside a wall-mounted case.

Display case for basketball cardsBasketball card display cases—and those used to display trading cards from other sports- come in all sizes.  One thing to check before purchase is to whether the display case and its shelves are designed for graded cards.  Many are designed so a graded card encased in a holder from PSA or Beckett fits perfectly, but some others do only hold basketball cards that are in a standard top loader.

Graded Card Display Cases

You can buy graded card display cases for 12 cards, 30 cards, 36 cards or even 50 cards.  You can also go the ‘high end’ route and purchase a smaller case with a suede back that has a display case graded basketball cardshinged door and holds only six of your most valuable cards.

You can also buy individual holders and stands specifically for graded cards.  This is a great option if you only have a few high-end cards you want to highlight in different areas of your home or office.

You can also order hinged wooden boxes to display and store your graded sports cards that offer a portability option if you need or want to take them somewhere.

Importance of UV Protection

What the outside of the wall display case is made of is also important, especially the front.  Any light, especially sunlight, can cause harm to cards and other collectibles so a case description that says the glass or acrylic is made to protect against UV rays can be something to look for.  The cases are available in many colors and with different types of wood.  A lock is something that is useful too.  It provides one more barrier to stop someone taking the valuable cards or opening the case without your permission.

Types of Cases, Alternatives

A collector can purchase display cases specifically made for cards, or consider other alternatives.  Any glass-enclosed and wall-mountable display can be used.  The cards can then be displayed standing up by mounting them on a plastic card holder.  There are even glass boxes, with a mirror on the bottom and a mirror along the back, to display a single card so another option is to use a regular shelf and then place several of these on it or they can be mounted on a wall by itself.

A collector looking to display oversized cards, like 1969-70 or ’70-71 Topps may not be able to find a display cases designed for cards that large and will need to look outside the box for a case that other collectors use to display plates or action figures.

Ungraded Basketball Card Display Cases

Prices for ungraded basketball card display cases vary due to size, quality and features.  Some of the large cases, able to hold dozens of cards, sell for around $100.  Smaller cases are available, holding anywhere from just a few cards to around three dozen.  This link to eBay has numerous options for cases that will do the job.